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Ethical Design Guide →

Tech is always political. The way data is collected and handled is often biased, and many products are neither accessible nor inclusive. Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.

Sarah L. Fossheim just released this wonderful collection of resources (and monthly newsletter) on how to make digital products more inclusive. It covers topics from accessibility, to race, to gender. I know I’ll be bookmarking this and referring to it often. Huge thanks to them for putting this together. (Via Jillian.)

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The now page now includes a playlist of music I’m enjoying lately called Heavy Rotation. In totally unrelated news, I miss Rdio.

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Reasons You Aren't Updating Your Personal Site →

This was the first year in many that I managed to regularly update and publish content on my personal site. In past years I started strong (usually around New Years) with fresh writing, energy, and enthusiasm. But somewhere around February or March, things died off and I could never find that momentum again.

Why was this year different? In this post I’ve tried to tease apart factors that made writing and editing easier this time around – hopefully there’s something in here that may be useful for your own personal website.

Brian Lovin on Overthought

Like Brian writes here, for me 2020 was the year that my personal website saw some regular updates. Looking forward to 2021, I plan to keep up the momentum and increase the number of long-form posts here.

Lovin makes some great points in this piece about ways to make that easier on yourself by maintaining an ongoing list of ideas, turning conversations you’re having on social media into articles, and making the process of publishing as seamless as possible.

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Clyde Common Egg Nog

For the last few years, every time the holidays roll around, I make a big batch of Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Clyde Common Egg Nog for my family and friends.

Since I won’t be seeing them this year due to the pandemic, I made a video showing everyone how to make it (which Jeff seemed to like). Enjoy! And let me know what you think if you end up making a batch. 🎁

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How to Start a Real Relationship Online →

For Sloan and her partner, the answer became clear after the two spent a couple months together at the beginning of the pandemic because of COVID-related travel restrictions—and they decided to choose both. “I knew this was the person I wanted to marry, and I wanted that so strongly that the odd circumstances didn’t even bother me.” said Sloan. Though they’re still living in different countries now, the two were wed in a small ceremony in Madison Square Park this November.

In general, you don’t need a reason to want to start a relationship with someone far away. Regardless of your situation, sometimes you find a person, you both feel a genuine connection, and you can just tell their company would enrich your life. That can all happen online with someone who doesn’t live near you, with the same sort of chemistry as a more proximal partnership. When it works, it just works—and it’s more than worth it.

Some people have their weddings announced in The New York Times; Kate and I are clearly more of a VICE couple. But seriously, if you’re curious about how to date online or whether you should consider long-distance relationships, this piece by Chingy is a must-read.

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